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Variable Displacement Oil Pumps

Demand for more fuel efficient vehicles has resulted in the need for highly targeted and efficient pump systems. SLPT Automotive recognized that need over a decade ago and responded by developing and patenting some of the most unique control systems for variable vane pumps available. Our eDRP™ system allows vehicle manufactures to link the engine oil pump to the Engine Control Unit and specifically target pump volume to engine requirements. Our patented two chamber control system allows for accurate, stable and reliable oil flow and pressure. The resulting reduction in hydraulic power yields between 2% and 3% improvement in fuel economy.
•Two stage, or fully variable
•Pivoting, or sliding ring
•Over crank, or off axis mounting

Tandem Vacuum/Variable Displacement Oil Pumps

The push for greater fuel economy, while retaining performance, has pushed vehicle manufacturers to turbocharge engines. This has resulted in the need for providing brake boost via vacuum pumps. The SLPT Tandem Pump combines our variable displacement oil pump technology, along with our technology leading vacuum pump, in a compact, space efficient, single drive system. This system has shown industry leading low parasitic torque, while providing a unique drive system which improves wear and performance of the vacuum pump.
•Two stage, or fully variable
•Pivoting, or sliding ring
•Off axis mounting
•Plastic vacuum vanes and vane tips

Start/Stop Pumps – Low Pressure, Brushless DC

The use of electric pumps for engine and transmission oil applications has been in the back of every powertrain engineer’s mind for decades. That dream is now a reality! Using brushless DC technology, coupled with over 30 years of gerotor and spur gear pump knowledge, SLPT has created one of the first truly space efficient and quiet pumps on the market.
•12 Volt
•LIN, or Canbus Communication
•Submerged, or Non-Submerged Application
•6 Bar Max Pressure
•0 to 125C Operation

Fixed Displacement Engine & Transmission Pumps

For nearly 30 years SLPT Automotive has been one of the leading innovators, designers and manufacturers of fixed displacement pumps in the world. With world class development and testing resources, coupled with award winning manufacturing & quality systems, SLPT has the experience, resources, and expertise to solve your next pump challenge!!
Gerotor, Spur Gear, Vane, Crescent
Industry leading PRV designs
World class cost
Full design, Development and Validation services

High Pressure DCT and Brake System Pumps

As powertrain systems continue to evolve, intermittent use, high pressure pump systems will become more prevalent. To meet this challenge, SLPT has developed an extremely small, highly efficient pump for dual clutch transmissions, brake boost and PTO clutch actuation.
•Contact SLPT to discuss performance & system details.

Assembly camshaft

Demand for the fuel efficiency and vehicle lightweight result the assembly camshaft. The unique assembly camshaft connect structure and assemble technology had be patented ,Except high connect intensity and lift stable character, the assemble process become much more easy and efficient.

Traditional camshaft

For over 15years SLPT has been one of the camshaft development and manufacture leader in china.

Match with different material, SLPT have the abundant camshaft technology data base to support the new product development. With world class product inspection and testing resources , coupled with award winning manufacturing & quality systems, will provide you the excellent camshafts.

Hollow camshaft

Drive by the fuel efficiency and vehicle lightweight, the hollow camshaft be developed, which can significant reduce the weight and rotary inertia by casting the camshaft to hollow structure. SLPT cooperate with one of the biggest India camshaft company PCL successfully developed the world class hollow camshaft, which can reduce the weight 30%-40%.
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