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Cooperation Framework signed by SLPT and CAERI
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    On March, 20th, 2013, SLPT and CAERI signed the Agreement of Cooperation Framework.
    On the ceremony, SLPT and CAERI made an agreement on establishing the partnership of technological innovation and strategic cooperation, which is supposed to be on the basis of complementary advantages, effectiveness, win-win and mutual improvement. The purpose of this combination is planned to enhance the cooperation of production, studying and researching by integrating each others resources. In this case, both sides are supposed to do whatever they can to take full advantage of their technology and equipment tackling key technical problems, and finally leading to the advancement of market competitiveness of SLPTs products aiming at the product researching and the key field of technology of SLPT. Only by basing this plan on the intendancy and market demand of domestic auto parts industry and working on the principle of being in accordance with the demand and utilizing the impetus of technology to the utmost can we achieve this goal.
    At the same time, the two parties have already defined a clear direction and content of the cooperation. In product development and technical cooperation, both parties will put together all the experts in this field, making the most of the resources of CAERI in NHV national key laboratories and lightweight league branch, and cooperate with each other to improve the quality of SLPTs product by analysis and testing, to improve the performance index of pump valve auto parts. More importantly, both parties should also take advantage of the experience of China Motor Researching Association in auto parts testing and professional equipment of assembly testing to optimize or improve the non-standard testing equipment used in testing by SLPT by cooperation, analysis and testing, thus manufacturing the non-standard testing equipment specialized in SLPT auto parts.
    The parties of the signing stated that they are going to take an active part in making joint declaration of national and local scientific research, defining roles and enhancing the cooperation. In the meantime, both parties should exchange information at regular intervals or organizing related technicians to make academic exchanges, research and project study when needed.
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